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Blaize, an artificial intelligence hardware and software startup located in El Dorado Hills, has secured $71 million in venture financing to build and expand its deployment of chips for edge computing across a range of sectors.

The venture arm of Franklin Templeton, a new investor, and state-owned Singapore investment corporation Temasek Holdings Ltd., an existing investor, spearheaded this round of financing.

Blaize’s AI Studio, a software platform that allows clients to program its chips using an easy set of tools that don’t require a software developer to write code to accomplish outcomes, is a significant value proposition in addition to its AI chip technology.

The platform simplifies even the most complex commands.

For the past 10 years, Blaize has worked on chip and software architecture that is designed to handle data rapidly at connectivity endpoints, whether that’s a transit system, a car, a camera or a robot.

Last year, Blaize began shipping its chips to consumers. The additional funds will be utilized to reach out to new clients in the automotive, smart retail, smart city and industrial sectors.

Blaize employs 320 people worldwide with 65 based in the United States. With 20 of those employees belonging to their El Dorado Hills office. As it “revolutionizes AI,” the firm plans to hire between 100 and 150 new people globally over the next 18 months.

Franklin Templeton is a subsidiary of Franklin Holdings Inc., located in San Mateo. Blaize is part of the company’s alternative investment portfolio.

In addition to Franklin Templeton and Temasek, Denso Corp., a Japanese car component manufacturer, is an investor in this round.

Blaize has received more than $158 million from venture capital funds and strategic investors since its inception in 2010.

The Blaize “system on chip” for automotive edge and central computing operations is advancing electric cars and automotive original equipment makers’ future architectural goals.

Blaize initially emerged from stealth mode in September 2018, when it disclosed a financing round of $65 million.

But who is Blaize?

Blaize leverages AI’s capability to revolutionize markets and enhance the way we all work and live by accelerating the value that technology brings. 

They developed a game-changing new computing solution that combines silicon and software to improve AI from the periphery to the core. In addition, they work with customers to help them alter their goods to provide better experiences and lifestyles.