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Sometimes, you just gotta reward yourself with something sweet.

Whatever the occasion, go ahead and treat yourself and your family to something decadent and with just the right amount of sweet. Perfect for the end of a long week or a weekend preview, these bakeries will make your taste buds happy.

Bakery & Latte Chateau Arme

For the morning crowd, try out this bakery. It makes mouth-watering bear claws, decadent brownies, crumbly scones, cinnamon rolls and other freshly baked goods.

Although the bakery is on the smaller side, the pastries are huge on flavor and freshness. Along with the friendly customer service and people, these delightful treats will have you back for more.

You might also enjoy the almond croissant, cakes and other freshly made breads.

Selland’s Market-Cafe El Dorado Hills

It’s more than a place to get lunch or dinner. Selland’s bakes a mixture of freshly baked goods that pair alongside the freshly made entrees or stand alone with a hot tea, coffee or glass of your preferred milk.

The café menu does change, but seasonal creations include the pumpkin cheesecake, filled with cheese mousse, graham cracker streusel and whipped cream. Or, maybe you’ll want to try the pumpkin spice chia latte cupcake with pumpkin spice cake and chai latte frosting.

For the cookie monster within us, try out the salted caramel, chocolate chip, chocolate chip brownie, lemon sugar or the apple cinnamon snickerdoodle flavors. Other desserts like banana pudding, chocolate squares, cupcakes and bars are also behind the glass.

Crumbl Cookie

They say they are the world’s best cookies and they look and taste the part.

Crumbl Cookie features a rotating menu each week, offering customers four different specialty flavors to try.

Rest easy because the chocolate chip and chilled sugar cookies are always available.

Current flavors include funfetti, double fudge brownie, aggie blue mint and pumpkin cake cookies. Cookies are wrapped up like a gift in the store’s famous pink packaging for to-go orders.