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Frozen yogurt is one of life’s great pleasures, so it’s reasonable to seek out the best locations. Look no further if you’re looking for tasty frozen treats.

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt

Menchie’s prioritizes quality, diversity and innovation to provide only the best-in-class frozen yogurt to their consumers, with limited-time varieties offered in store once a month.

NuYo Frozen Yogurt

Depending on the region, NuYo has between 10 and 16 frozen yogurt varieties. Some varieties, such as basic vanilla and chocolate, will always be on the menu. However, to meet their customers’ need for variety, they rotate additional flavors.


Frozen yogurt is offered as a healthier option to ice cream at YogaBerry. Toppings that include fresh fruit and other traditional toppings are available, and because the yogurt is self-serve, you may have as much as you want.

Cold Stone Creamery

For many years, Cold Stone Creamery has offered the finest, freshest frozen yogurt, smoothies, cakes, shakes and frappes. They use only the best ingredients and, of course, their unique method of creating your own frozen yogurt masterpiece on a frozen granite stone.

Jon & Bon’s Yogurt Shoppe

The service was excellent and Jon & Bon’s and the frozen yogurt tasted much better. They also serve shaved ice, fresh lemonade and ice cream. In addition, there are dairy-free yogurt and dairy-free rainbow sorbet available. This is genuinely a fantastic tiny neighborhood establishment.