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Chicken sandwiches with a kick are in — and a new Nashville-style hot chicken sandwich restaurant is opening in El Dorado Hills.

Roostarz Hot Chicken claims it has the tastiest Nashville-style sandwich but it will also have a California twist.

The new restaurant is the company’s first location among a growing collection of eateries that focus on chicken sandwiches across the region.

Customers can order from a variety of creations that are made with never-frozen and hand-breaded chicken. The french fries are cooked with 100% peanut oil. And yes, you can select from a range of heat levels for the chicken sandwich, including no heat, mild, medium, hot and the reaper.

The combinations come with tenders and sliders. The meals are served with pickles, special sauce and a cheese upgrade. Cheese fries, kale slaw and macaroni and cheese are some of the sides you can order.

Roostarz Hot Chicken will be located in Market Place at Town Center.