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If you’re interested in selling your home, there’s quite a bit of work ahead.

From finding the right real estate team to preparing your home for virtual and in-person tours, your to-do list will grow quickly. Before you know it, you’ll be hosting your first open house and getting your first offer.

Before getting there though, here are some things not to do when staging your home.

Over doing it with smaller items

Sometimes, less is more. As you think about how to present your home, try to stay away from doing a lot with smaller things. Loads of couch pillows or knickknacks on shelving are some common decoration mishaps.

You should focus on creating a livable space without overcomplicating matters. The imagination of the potential buyer will run wild if you opt for a clean and sophisticated approach to decorating choices.

Dimming the lights

Light up their world instead of casting shadows. Buyers gravitate toward homes that are airier. Light can make any room appear larger. That’s why stronger lighting is recommended, particularly for older homes with angles that can create canned lighting.

Create layers of lighting using extra lamps, floor lamps and other light sources you already have at home.

Displaying art that doesn’t fit

It’s easy to fall in love with a piece of art, but if you’re using it as a show piece inside your home, make sure it fits.

Many times, out-of-scale art pieces can stick out like a sore thumb. If the piece is too large for the room, for example, the shear size can become a distraction instead of a sight for sore eyes.

Passing on area rugs

Have a lot of open space? Then it’s probably a challenge to decorate.

Don’t make the mistake of not rolling out an area rug in big spaces. Rugs bring new dimensions to open spaces. This decorating essential can warm up a room and set clear boundaries to differentiate how the spaces are used.

Forgetting about home photography

If you plan on an open house, it could be easy to forget that the home’s presentation online is also key to marketing your home.

When making decisions about staging, remember to enhance the areas that are most likely to be photographed. Views of focal points, like a large window or chimney, shouldn’t be blocked or appear empty. Because most home searches start online, an awesome photo gallery highlighting your home’s greatest features is an absolute must.